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                                       YELLOW TED                  THE OLD HOUSE
                                       Mum can’t buy the teddy     Three friends go into the
                                       bear the kids want, but     old house to get their ball.
                                       Yellow Ted will manage to   What will happen there?
                                       come to them.

                                       TOY PARTY                   LET’S GO HOME
                                       When night falls and        The animals at the zoo are
                                       everybody is asleep, it’s   organising an escape! Will
                                       party time for the toys!    they manage to make it

                                       MY FAMILY                   WHERE’S FLUFFY?
                                       When Amy accidentally       Little Emma loses her toy
                                       destroys her friend’s       rabbit at the amusement
                                       painting, she has an idea   park. But something will
                                       which makes Maria happy     make her smile again!
                                       again.                                                 7

                                                                                         3/6/2024   9:35:08 πµ
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       Readers-Catalogue-2024.indd   7                                                   3/6/2024   9:35:08 πµ
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