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Delightful stories for the littlest of readers!

                   Little Books are simple stories that feature high-frequency words,
                     repetition and rhyme. The stories are based on topics which
                     children love. The illustrations are colourful and attractive,
                     making children want to listen.
                   There is a song which accompanies each reader, which children
                     are sure to love singing.
                   There are also activities at the end of each book to consolidate
                     the key vocabulary of the book.
                   There are teacher’s notes for each level that include a summary
                     of each story, as well as ideas on how to present the books.
                   The Student’s Digital Material features a dramatised version of
                     the story, with background music and songs.

                           LEVEL 1                  LEVEL 2                   LEVEL3

                           Red & Blue               Yellow Ted                My Red Car
                           Yellow & Green           The Old House             Black Ant
                           Baby Brother             Toy Party                 Jumping Hat
                           Cookies                  Let’s Go Home             Snowy
                           5 Marbles                My Family                 Big Shoes
                           Where’s Lucy?*           Where’s Fluffy?*          A Funny Story*


                          * Revision story that revises vocabulary and structures presented in previous Little Books
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