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The other members of MM Educational Group:


                                               Binary Logic has been at the forefront of technology since 1982,
                                               building a global reputation through quality educational resources
                                               and support services. The founders of Binary Logic are educators who
                                               invested in technology early on. Hence, they developed a Computing
                                               & ICT curriculum for K-12 and tertiary education, changing the way
                                               the subject has been taught and learnt over the last 20 years.

                                               Vector Maths & Science develops course materials for Mathematics
                       spreading knowledge
                                               and Science. Its mission is to nurture learners' inquisitive spirits with
                                               innovative, creative, and practical materials that encourage them
                                               to dive deep into mathematical and scientific ideas and, therefore,
                                               develop the necessary skills for success!


                                               Focus on Digital Services designs and develops books and
                                               e-learning materials for students and teachers worldwide. The
                                               creative, top-notch members of this team deliver both superior
                                               quality and contemporary design.


                                               Prime Educational Software Applications develops high-quality digital
                                               tools and software for education. The company leverages the latest
                                               technology, in order to digitise the content created by MM Educational
                                               Group and, thus, enhance the overall educational experience.


                                               MM Schools is the birthplace of MM Educational Group. Since 1974,
                                               this state-of-the-art educational institution has offered substantial
                                               insights on ELT methodologies. To this day, it continues to be a source
                                               of inspiration, as it provides a unique opportunity to pilot educational
                                               products with students whose first language is not English.


                                               Combo Books promotes, sells, and distributes the products of MM
                                               Educational Group in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans. It also
                                               organises and administers language examinations in collaboration
                                               with Palso, Europalso, and the Greek Ministry of Education.


                                               Argus Logistics specialises in the global distribution of educational
                                               materials. This company connects MM Educational Group with its
                                               international network of partners and customers.


                                               Abacus Financial Services provides financial, counselling, and other
                                               support services that reinforce the operations of all members within
                                               MM Educational Group, thus ensuring financial stability, workforce
                                               effectiveness and operational excellence.
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