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        November 1 - 29

         Date         Time           Topic                                              Speaker(s)
                      (London, UK)

         1.11.2021    8:00AM         Advanced Communication Skills:                   Nadia Theochari
         Monday                      A gift for life, yet a problematic area          ELT Consultant            Register
                                     in many fields.                                                               now

         8.11.2021    5:00PM         Stories from around the world!                   Gareth Davies
         Monday                                                                       Author, Teacher, Teacher   Register
                                                                                      Trainer and Storyteller      now

         15.11.2021  8:00AM          Let’s talk about assessment                      Chris Vasileiou           Register
         Monday       5:00PM         and grading!                                     ELT Consultant

         22.11.2021  8:00AM          Effective teamwork begins and ends               Gregg Sotiropoulos
         Monday       5:00PM         with communication!                              ELT Consultant            Register

         29.11.2021  8:00AM          MM Conversations:                                Nadia Theochari
         Monday       5:00PM         Let's sum it all up!                             Gregg Sotiropoulos        Register
                                                                                      Chris Vasileiou              now
                                                                                      ELT Consultants


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